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  1. SkullSyn16I have not played much Minecraft lately. I have basic knowledge of Minecraft and mod packs. I used to watch peoply play on YouTube.I have always wanted to play Minecraft with other people and have a good time together. I think this server is a good start for me to explore and be better at mods.
  2. 1. I'm turning 16 this year. My in-game name is SkullSyn. 2. I have never been banned from any server as I have not played in any server except for some public servers that I have spent only a short period of time on. 3. I have a microphone and I am able to communicate through TeamSpeak. 4. I have only played Minecraft for one year (vanilla and modded) as I got a better PC only then but I have watched some YouTubers play the game even 2 years before playing it. 5. I love to work with computers and play games! 6. I do not have much knowledge on mods but I am willing to learn. Thank you
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