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  1. IGN-maneater2004 age-16 something about me- i like playing attack of the bteam and ive been playing it for quite a while.
  2. i said at least once a week ill probly get on 3 times a week ill only get on once a week if i have a big school progect. please can i play
  3. IGN-maneater2004 age-16 why u want tto play- i like to play with other people and i like helping other people how often would u play- at least once a week do u use teamspeak-no other things u need to know- im friends with jb1998123 i really hope i can play
  4. IGN:maneater2004 where you found this server:i was just looking for a new server why you want to be on this server:i love playing with people on survival servers what are you planning to do on this server:i am planning to try to make a friendship with someone and help them what is your favorite coulor: blue,and green
  5. I would really like to play on this server. age:14 IGN:maneater2004 Favorite mod:morphing mod Best known mod:thermal expation Knowledge of AOTBT: dont know what that means Skype:no skype I really hope i can join.
  6. I have played on other servers and i love meeting new people.I would really like to join your sever.
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