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  1. Hello, This has been happening consistently on multiple modpacks of mine and I really don't know why. Whenever I add Industrialcraft 2 or Computercraft to a modpack, it never loads. After submitting a new version to Technic then installing the new modpack on the launcher, it always fails! It's so weird! This happens in both 1.7.10 and 1.6.4. I checked to make sure every mod is up-to-date along with forge and they are all the latest version available. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I tested the current modpack on MulitMC and it works completely fine. Modpack: Modpack Direct Download Thanks, Gunner
  2. Nevermind I found out the modpack was running an outdated Forge. Whoever knows how can close this topic.
  3. Unless /\ that helped please provide us with a link to your modpack and direct download link of your modpack file, and make note of also doing that for every time you have a modpack problem
  4. Hello, I am uploading a new Modpack and having problems loading it. One of the mods in the modpack is Tinker's Construct and when I load the modpack it says "Minimum version required: Forge", and most people said that mod causes the problem. I always test modpacks first in MultiMC and it loaded just fine, and the exact copy loaded to Technic is causing this error. I could just remove TC but if it worked for MultiMC then I want to keep it if I know it can be done. Could someone find out why it does this? Modpack: Direct download of modpack: Download Thanks, Gunner
  5. Hello?? Can someone help me with this please?
  6. I'm glad at least one of my modpacks made it to the Popular Modpacks page and that people like it!

  7. Hello all, I would've addressed this issue earlier, however Technic kept forgetting my password (even though I only use 1 for everything) and I could not log in. That was frustrating. Anyways, I now have 4 successful modpacks on the Technic Launcher, with thanks to plowmanplow, and I have just made my 5th and It works fine. Now it does not for some reason. Whenever I have tried updating my modpacks at all, no matter which it is, when I try to load the new version on Technic, it loads faster than normal then stops saying "Failed to download". I checked all the steps to make sure my modpack is fine, and it is, because when I revert back a version it works fine. For example, on one of the modpacks I made, MMW, it currently works fine, but when I added 1 mod, it does not load. No matter what mod I put in, it does not work. When I revert back it is completely fine. On a new modpack I made, it loaded successfully when I did my first test, besides ID conflicts. Those normally would've been fixed easily, besides the fact it failed to download. I do not know why this is happening, and why to all of my modpacks, and I can't figure out the source. It can't be my download provider,, because I followed steps to make sure: I ran the link to my modpack that is in the modpack file link and it downloads successfully, I deleted then re-installed a pack onto, and I tried a different account. This problem seems to happen to every modpack with a version following their current version, and to every version after the first version ever made in a modpack (when a modpack is first made, it's 1.0, but every version after that the problem happens.) Can someone please help me? And sorry if this is so long and confusing! I just feel like every detail needs to be included to get a full synopsis of what is going on. Thanks, Gunner Since this is happening with every modpack, here is the link to my modpack list: My Modpacks And here are the download links for the modpack files: MMW (Version listed here works): EU (Version listed does not work):
  8. Actually, we are having some new problems when the modpack loaded. When he tried to join, on the server it said he joined the game, however on his screen it was the blank dirt screen. After a minute he disconnected, with the disconnection log looking like if a person logged out, but on his screen it is still blank. Eventually it turned into a black screen and crashed. When he tried to make a single player world, a regular default world said "Shutting down internal server" after building terrain, and super flat never loaded after building terrain. Are there ways to fix this?
  9. Nvm, we tried switching between Java versions and uninstalling/reinstalling the modpacks and even the launcher and eventually it worked. Thanks for your time!
  10. My friend tried to check his logs but the only items there were fml-client logs. He tried loading the Modpack again but it did not generate a log with the date as the name.
  11. My friend installed Java 7 and 8 and neither worked, each with the same error. It wouldn't really be necessary to send logs because they just say the same exact thing
  12. We used 2 separate modpacks, and 1 had Clay Soldiers (GMM Lite) and 1 had Mekanism (Gunner's Mechmagical Modpack). Both were the same error. GMM: GMM Lite: GMM Crash: GMM Lite Crash: These are not actual crash reports, since he cannot generate crash report files since the second he loads the modpack it crashes. These are logs with the crash in them. If you also just want a direct download link of the pack I can provide that too. GMM: Download GMM Lite: Download
  13. Hello all, My friend has been having problems loading modpacks that have the mods Mekanism and SAPManPack (Clay Soldiers). Whenever he finished loading the modpack, and played it, it immediately crashes with the error: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: mekanism/common/asm/LoadingHook : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0(This is the crash for mekanism but it is the same thing for SAPManPack) He is running Java 7 and 8 to make sure both work, but neither did. We do not know why it is doing this, can someone please help? Thanks, Gunner Mekanism Crash: SAPManPack:
  14. Anyways, I guess this ends this thread. Thank you so much plowmanplow for helping me with this. I even managed to make a THIRD modpack now that I know what to do. That one now works. Now these mod packs I made all work on my server, which I only dreamed of becoming a reality. So, this is Gunner signing off. Until next time. Closed