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  1. Hi I messaged my app a week ago but no reply so ima put it here too in case you never see it ====================================== Name: Lee IGN: Phantomaus Skype: phantomaus1. I believe Favorite Mods: thaumcraft, thermal expansion, big reactors n stuff. Age: 17 What are you best at?: Tech mods and small factories Time Zone: GMT +0 What can you bring to the server?: A knowledge of the big mods, a decent guy with a desire for fun XD
  2. Hey, looking for a small server to play on now that summer has started, preferably one that won't vanish without telling me ign- Phantomaus
  3. Hey, I could do an admin/mod role if you want. Noticed you didnt have any replies and was just asking as im looking for a new server to play on. thanks and I await your reply, Phantomaus
  4. IGN: Phantomausage: 16location: Ireland (GMT)how long have you been playing minecraft: 4 yearshow long have you been playing tekkit: I haven't played too much tekkit but I played tekkit classic for years (despite it being nothing like new tekkit)what is the first major thing you build: A mansion once I get enough materials to make a big one.
  5. Hey , I am sorry I couldn't get online since I applied almost 3 weeks ago now. My friend and I were busy with exams etc. If we have been unwhitelisted, I would like if you could whitelist us again . Btw the server is currently down.
  6. Hi, me and my friends started a server not so long ago and we try to make it very RPG-like, with kingdoms and factions and all. We recently agreed that we’d like more players to join us in these early stages of development. It’s a normal survival server with no mods removed so you can do everything you like, but we all build in a medieval sort of way. If anyone wants to join us, feel free to tell me your age, building style and why you’d like to help us develop this server. Our only goal is to make an awesome fantasy, rpg world and to have a lot of fun on the way. No griefers. Just put your age and username now in the description and a reason you want to join if you like.
  7. What version is it mate? It won't work for me ...
  8. Username : Phantomaus Age: 16 Also if you could add my friend. Username : TheGingaNinja Age: 16
  9. Hey BelgianWarrior, I see you need some people for the server. Me and my friend TheGingaNinja are interested in joining. We live in Ireland so we meet that European requirement. We are both 16 , I have a more medieval style of building but also using modernism when I need to. Ginga doesn't build as much as me but he is good with medieval and underground bunker like builds. We want to develop the server because there is nothing more fun than a fully developed , stable minecraft server to play on . We enjoy this modpack so much as well and love RPG games. Hope we can play and see you on the server ! ~Phantomaus and TheGingaNinja
  10. Project EE , its a rewrite of EE2 so it would fit your mudpack perfectly. Also try not to name it Tekkit Classic Remade because it will be taken down from the platform probs if you do.
  11. add dragonsapi it gives more space for potions and potion effects so it may fix your issue
  12. you realise you just necro'd a year old post ?