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  1. Thats why you should have a topic for this discussion and instead of saying a specific date for the completion you could say an approx time for certain parts done, such as updated to 1.7.10 minecraft launcher or updating blah blah mod approx time ... that way you arent telling the same people who always complain and it also lets us know when things are updated and gives us information, and tbh ive been waiting months and i dont care about waiting i just want to know where we are at (if anywhere). And it doesnt have to be when they update it can just be when they are working on it and possibly hints on what is adding to get people interested. And its not minecraft updates i want it for its the mod pack updates, thats why im here on technic... and ive attempted to create my own modpack a few times and every time failed, i tend to download others and customise them but tbh i dont know what mods to add to them thats a main reason why im waiting for the next modpack because old mods are gone or changed and im no expert on modpacks so i dont know whats good mods are until i play with them.
  2. I know this probably isnt the right section, but i have had a look and i cant find anything for when updates or new versions will be made, for example the next Tekkit, as ive heard its being made after Hexxit was updated but i would just like to know some information as it seems like the communication within this community isnt so great everyone is kept in the dark, an idea i think these forums need is an update/news topic where it will be updated when there is new info such as if a modpack is being worked on approx time till it is released when it is in a testing mode if it is the final update for it just general info like that, if there is a topic like this already i havent seen it. Before you guys start complaining about bugging modpack makers im asking here not bugging a maker asking other curios people or people with some more knowledge than me im also just putting an idea out there to keep us, the players, up to date and if we had this topic it could get people hyped about the modpack see little previews and snaps. Anything helps.
  3. Thats is why i need a list as some mods have been combined with others and some mods are out of date and some new ones are in place.
  4. If i could get a modlist for Tekkit 1.7 i would actually create it myself, ive created other modpacks but i mainly hijack peoples modpack so in other words i download their modpack and change the mods to what i want and ive done a few for tekkit kinds but not entirely sure what mods to download and use, if it is coming after the Hexxit whens that updating? anyone know and what is hexxit? i want a 1.7 modpack with all the good stuff and doesnt crash.
  5. Will the next Tekkit be on the same modpack or will it be a different one so you have 2 Tekkits to choose from, i want to know so i can add them to my current Tekkit one, or do you not know?
  6. Well i really wanted to create my own rather than use others that way i could put the ones i want on it and maintain it myself because i have free time doing nothing atm, and a copy of it so back up files i got you. And yeah i kinda just hijacked this topic a little bit :/ but yeah it does help people decide about their own modpacks or further information, thanks for all your help anyway.
  7. okay thanks ill have a look there. And it says asking the map creators and people involved in it or putting pressure on them, i was actually asking you to see if you had any idea of when, i do the same with games and DLC's i ask people not involved as i dont know where to find out the information and i like to keep up to date. And yeah ill need to play a few mod packs on FTB as well as Tekkit and stuff then ill find the right modpack in the forums and check to see if it is up to date and just hope i dont ruin my world through them. okay ive spent about an hour or 2 trying to make my own using that link to lukes guide and i still couldnt get it to work... ill wait for the next tekkit to come out in 1.7.10 then ill just change and add mods to it... i need someone whos good at creating a modpack to start it off for me
  8. No support im fine with that, i would do research on it if i got into trouble. i dont mind it taking longer to make a pack and making my own pack i can add as i go really, so how would i update to a later version, would i have to create a separate folder for my modpack and just start putting the stuff in that i want, but how would i get it to a 1.7.10 one? When is the next Tekkit coming out? And what i was thinking of doing is dowloading a variety of modpacks on Tekkit then playing them and having a look at which ones i would want on mine and check to see if they are up to date.
  9. what do you mean it wont receive any support from the tracker? whats that? (i sound like a noob with all these questions) So if the 1.6.4 versions are scares how can i update to a 1.7 then? or is there a way i can start making my own modpack, with ones i select, on a more up to date version if that will be easier as i know quite a few mods i wish to update. and server wise im not bothered the servers ive been on get reset or are laggy or just bad really so i prefer my own so i can customise and test stuff easier. i would miss my world that i have started but if its better and easier i will upgrade. Thanks for all the support, this is really helping me understand,
  10. You sir are a wizard when it comes to this stuff thanks Yeah im going to stick with single player, and where is the list of other mods as if im going to edit this one i might as well have a look at what else i can put into my single player world, and i heard that there is another mod that you can instal that allows you to connect the MJ and the RF together but i dont know what mod that is, do you know it?
  11. This is a great help i will need to use some of them ideas especially the big reactor one as my combustion engines wont connect to the TE stuff :/ and i kinda made 12 combustions connected them together got fuel and everything then realised i cant connect them to TE energy cells or machines. Oh wait now i cant use the Machinists work bench as when i open it, it shuts down my game so i cant do anything, i cant convert my energy and i cant create stuff with the machinists bench.
  12. Hey guys im new ish to tekkit, im wondering is there a way i can power Thermal expansion stuff with BC energy as ive tried to use energy conducts and kinesis pipes to power energy cells and it doesnt work? As im using combustion engines but cant seem to store the power anywhere, am i missing something or is it not possible, im also using the newest verison of tekkit. Can anyone help?
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