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  1. In how much time will we get a response from you after we have given you the information you need for us Beta Testers?
  2. Dear Iskandr, i saw the post that you put up on the modding news thread. i do not know if you are quitting or not but if you are please don't. after seeing the mod list i thought that it would just be sad for you to quit because this new version of hexxit 2.0 seems a lot more better than the one that the last creator of the mod pack (no offense to the last creator only that the world did not really fit in with what you usually see in hexxit) Many people may not like it but that is only because people do not like to see hexxit become harder(like other mod-packs as they progressed such as crazy
  3. um iskandr i know this might be a controversial topic but can you add optifine to this because some people have really slow computers and cant afford to run really big modpacks
  4. thanks for the list its just that i really want to get a perspective of this new direction that iskandar is taking, especially since he has created some other mod packs such as crashlanding and also for the fact that other versions of hexxit are coming out since people are saying the new version does not feel like the old hexxit.
  5. I know this might be a bit too much to ask and is probably against the rules to do so but can someone make a new list of the mods that are so far going to be in Hexxit 2? the last list that there is so far is not updated on over a dozen of the mods.
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