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  1. I'm personally a big fan of CT3, I'm still learning what all the machines do (learn as you go type) and it's a big help being able to just have the mats and pull out what I want. Hopefully this is fixed soon. :(
  2. I'll be the first to admit, bit of a noob here. I've been working all afternoon to get this working, and it is now, but despite me adding in the code in the first post to the configuration.txt it's not loading mod blocks for me. The server is still on default 3.0.4 and I haven't edited it or anything. I'm sure it's a me being dumb and missing something problem. XD For some reason it also thinks a bunch of the pipes are wood planks. o_O I'm sure I messed something up somewhere... XD EDIT: Ah, found the issue. I had the code in the wrong spot. I had it up near the beginning, not after the "Mod Block Support" section. XD That makes more sense now.
  3. Don't forget the exchange rate! Equestria is a rich land, as long as the vendors aren't trying to rip you off you can get quite a few things with those 8 bits!
  4. I found some bits for you, hope they help with getting a new toaster computer!
  5. This is the most true thing I have seen all day! I'm so glad to see there are quite a few enlightened and knowledgeable people on this forum! :D
  6. Yeah, that's what I tried first. (Really cool option BTW) The options are: 1.2.3|1.2.3|Latest|Rec. Build 1.1|1.1 I also tried the Always use development builds but that didn't do anything either.
  7. Hey all, I'm new around here and all so go easy on me, lol. I've only recently discovered this through a friend of mine and I'm really enjoying it. I have one problem though. I can't connect to any of the servers I'd normally use with the Vanilla option. I keep getting an outdated version error, and I notice that the version of Vanilla the launcher uses is 1.2.3 not 1.2.5 like the normal launcher. I skimmed this topic a bit, and it seems the theme of woe from the first post is about updating the mods to 1.2.5. So I may be slightly off topic here, I understand why you guys would keep the version back a little bit to keep the mods working since they don't all update instantly and rarely work with a brand new Minecraft update without having to be fixed first. What I want to talk about though is the "Vanilla" modless experience. I'd really love to be able to just use this launcher so I can easily switch between everything, but there doesn't seem to be a way to tell the launcher to use 1.2.5 and coppy/pasta of the Minecraft.jar doesn't seem to work either. Just kinda wondering if there is something I'm missing here. Is there anything I can do to get the latest version going in Vanilla? Or should I stick with the original launcher for when I do Vanilla SMP and just enjoy the mods in Technic?
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