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  1. Well Ill see if I can install mods on minecraft I guess
  2. Would my OS be 32 bit if I looked in the control panel application and the processor said 32 bit?
  3. I ran tekkit with my anti virus off and on 1 GB of memory with no change with what has been happening, here are the updated logs; http://pastebin.com/b1AsfAhV http://pastebin.com/ee5qYaiN
  4. Im only able to have 1 GB of memory on it maximum and Im now installing tekkit to test your other idea and I have turned off my anti virus for now.
  5. There were 2 files in the logs but here they are; http://pastebin.com/knMtwxBW http://pastebin.com/wcXgcH1Z
  6. I've recently bought a new laptop it has Windows 7, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, and a 32 bit processor. I decided to get technic launcher because of its ease of access. The launcher itself starts up fine and installing mods is working but launching them causes; technic to load them up and when finished loading closes and reopens again in a second and is back on the normal modpacks tab.
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