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  1. I guess you're right on that. XD Really, anything that could slow down someone from converting trash into treasure so easily would make the mod a bit more balanced.
  2. This is the WRONG place for this kind of post. Hopefully a mod moves you to the right place, which is http://forums.technicpack.net/forum/68-tekkit-servers/ Just FYI.
  3. ​I know it's time consuming. I've been modding Minecraft and have been running servers for 5 years+ now. It's quite the job, and now that I'm working full-time, I can't do it myself. Trust me, I would if I had the time. And if I had enough Java experience, I would do some modding of my own. (Not too good at coding, but I have the creative mind to design a mod quite well.) I just miss having the mechanics of EE in my modpack gameplay, and would like to see some kind of similar mechanic in my modpacks someday soon. Slightly Off-Topic (mod ideas): If I had any say in the development of a
  4. ​Yes, I absolutely agree with the condenser system being too much for most any server. Removal of such an item would almost be absolutely necessary. However, (and let me know if I am wrong on this), but you can't just pump things into the transmutation tablet. And as for manually dumping quarried cobble into a tablet, I would personally rather not. (There are some people that will dump a stack of cobble for a piece of redstone over and over again, but I would personally find it really annoying.) Infinite-generation machines are going to inherently break the system. I can see your point on
  5. Making a small attempt in the Technic Community to have a FTB:Monster-esque recreation made with both ProjectE and Thaumcraft.  If you want to attempt creating this modpack, let me know, and I'll do what I can to aid you in the process.

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      Those are some dirty words.

  6. ​That doesn't matter. A person can easily configure which items are usable in servers (and depending on how the server is crafted, even change recipes), and in SMP, who cares? ProjectE (EE2) has a lot of features separate from the OP items that in my opinion are great. The mod in general is really well-crafted, and I'm really interested on why no one cares to use it. Being OP doesn't seem like the best excuse to me. Don't get me wrong. I understand your sentiment in terms of having overpowered tools, armor, etc. However, tools like the Transmutation table are what made EE2 and EE in gene
  7. Honestly, EE2 is hands-down one of my all-time favorite mods, and the MC community has always loved it. However, it went obsolete because of this "almighty" EE3. Now, EE3 could get interesting, but it's been a bunch of trash for a very long time (I hope to see progress on it within the next couple of months, but we'll have to see if that actually happens). Point being: EE3 is a very incomplete project and EE2 has been recreated. The only modpack I have seen ProjectE in that is really viable in terms of use is TCR Classic Reborn. And honestly I have not seen a single pack that resembles FTB: Mo
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