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  1. I have been playing tekkit since tekkit released and I found this amazing new server Called KittenWar I love it and play on it all the time the IP is http://www.kittenwar.com/
  2. I am staff on a server called Cyclicraft and these are some reasons why you should come and play on Cyclicraft; Cyclicraft IP is cyclicraft.mymc.io 1st- There is No lag 2nd- There Is not many mods banned due to our great developers 3rd- We have great staff 4th- We have PVE and a PVP worlds for those people that like Battling the Enviroment or those people that like Battling other people 5th- Why not? 6th- We have great plugins too So why not come and play on Cyclicraft, one of the fastest growing tekkit servers around -WereWhisping http://www.kitte
  3. cyclicraft.mymc.io <--- My Favorite Tekkit Server Come and Play with me now :D

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