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  1. Press the windows key and r at the same time, then type in %appdata%\.technic\modpacks and hit enter. Delete the "tekkit" folder. Doing this will completely remove your Tekkit Classic files (including worlds, screenshots, servers, etc...) so you can re-install it from the Technic Launcher. If you want to keep your worlds, screenshots, etc... go into the "tekkit" folder, then copy the "saves", "screenshots", "servers.dat" folders/file to somewhere else, that way you can put them back into the new tekkit folder when you reinstall the pack.
  2. The reason that restarting your game doesn't work for the recent bad login issues is because Mojang's legacy login/session servers have been having stability issues lately. If they're unreachable, then you'll get the bad login error. When this issue occurs for specific users and not everyone running older versions of Minecraft (such as Tekkit Classic which uses MC 1.2.5), it's generally because they're logged into more than one copy of the game or have something blocking their connection to the login/session servers. Newer versions aren't affected by this issue as they authenticate differently from older versions. Contrary to Technic's announcement, I can't find any statements from Mojang saying they are going to or have shut down legacy login/session servers. The ticket linked in Technic's announcement does hint that Mojang is planning on fixing the issue.
  3. Mojang is having issues with their legacy login/session servers currently which is causing the "bad login" errors. Their servers seem to come up every few hours, then stay up for a few hours before going down again. Mojang has no ETA on when this issue will be fixed. This isn't specific to your server. It affects everyone running older versions of Minecraft. For now, you can either wait it out, or set your server to offline mode. Keep in mind setting it to offline mode will allow anyone to join with or without a paid account, which also means people could "pretend" to be other users, including you. So this isn't the safest option, and I'd highly recommend using an authentication plugin on top of it if this is the route you decide to go. Technic recommended this one: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/authme-reloaded
  4. You need the sound patch. Many older versions of Minecraft no longer download the necessary sound files properly. You can download the patch here: http://dl.unknowntekkit.com/Sounds_Tekkit_Classic.zip Install the patch by doing the following: Download the sounds patch file Ensure that Tekkit Classic is not open or running Windows: Press the Windows key + R. Type "%appdata%" (without quotations) and press Enter, and go to the ".technic" folder. Mac/Linux: Navigate to where you installed the Technic Launcher Go to the modpacks folder, then tekkit, then resources Unzip the "Sounds_Tekkit_Classic.zip" file, enter the Sounds folder, then copy the "music", "newmusic", "newsound", "pe", "sound", and "streaming" folders into the resources folder, overwriting any files if necessary Start Tekkit Classic
  5. Once again, updated main post. (If a moderator could go ahead and remove the other two comments that'd be great!)
  6. Bump. (If this isn't allowed please let me know! It's been 16 days since posting or somewhere around there)
  7. WEBSITE: http://realmoftheunknown.net
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