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  1. I am getting this error when trying to log into the Technic launcher. I was signed in earlier today (13/09/15) but after restarting my PC i was logged out even though i tick remember me and now i cant get back on. I am using my email to log in as it is a Mojang account and i have reset the password to confirm that it defiantly the correct password/e,mail combination. What is this problem that i am having and what is the solution to aver come it.
  2. Hello, i am having an issue with my Attack of the B Team Hamachi server. I have created the server and the mod pack works fine in the sense that people can join and play. However, with the new block added with the mod pack there has been issues, (I tested and discovered this whilst in creative upon first joining the game) if the block isn't included in vanilla Minecraft then when going to place it it vanishes and if the block is in vanilla but is an alteration it just places the original vanilla block. Like i said i was using creative so i spawned the block in through the creative menus. Does
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