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  1. Review DaBlueSheep This srever that i played on was good. I had a good time while playing on this server. I do like the market setup where you can sell whatever materials that you want.The voting system is nice as well.
  2. here is the link sorry XD https://youtu.be/KYva0r0FUz8 and here is a dupe that works on more servers : ) - https://youtu.be/REn3Jfn0OWA
  3. hello i played this new technic legends for 10 min saw red matter and thought immediately something is going to go wrong and it did take out the mod now XD here is what you do get what you want to dupe put it in a alchemical chest keep it open while blowing it up with tnt after the chest blows up take the red matter in the chest put it in a dispenser and turn on the magic XD have fun getting rid of that make a video on my channel tonight showing a visual image https://youtu.be/KYva0r0FUz8 HERE IS THE VIDEO SORRY LATE LINK ok this is another dupe with blue power in tekkit legends its not as effective but works on most to all servers : ) https://youtu.be/REn3Jfn0OWA
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