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  1. Mystcraft portals? arent those only in Technic at the moment? or was it removed from Technic, well i don't know but the Enderchest thing may work, i had a theory to make a Redpower lava collector with a relay or something, i cannot remember the block, and uses frames to pick up the lava and sends it into a enderchest above it or something and the lava would be put in cells for more space, of course this method would only take use 9 stacks of cells unless you pump more into it
  2. i support this, soartex is the only texture pack that i use in vanilla and i have tried to use it in tekkit/technic before but was sad of the results, hopefully this will be fully compatible with tekkit/technic soon and i will be able to happily use it
  3. Hey just a quick thing, Logistic pipes probably wont be in tekkit for a while because it may take weeks to test after they decide to add it to the modpack, but Redpower items with the tubes and machines can work well, and they may even work with Project tables for automated crafting but i don't know if it really works because i havent tested it yet, so Redpower can be a bit more complicated than logistics would be but in the end it can do the exact same thing just differently :)
  4. Hey i have just read through that log and it seems you are missing one of your files have you tried to re-download the tekkit server again? because apreantly you are midding BaseModMP which, i don't really know, may be important. Hope this helps!
  5. i am also getting a update atm so it might just be a quick small one or something, small patch for stuff maybe
  6. I got on my taskbar heres how you do it 1. Right click on your TechnicLauncher.exe 2. go down until you see Pin to Taskbar 3. Left click Pin to Taskbar 4. Profit
  7. Re: [24/7][2.1.1][Quantum Gaming Tekkit Server][42 slots][Whitelist] IGN: gragrayson Have you ever been banned: nope What do you plan to do on the server: Create a house and become friends with everyone and helping out the noobs What is your experience level with Tekkit? very high i have been playing it since about march or earlier can't really remember but i have good experiences with all the tekkit mods and have made some great stuff with them, even railcraft which a lot of people ignore