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  1. Ign: McNinjaX3/Future/Hurse/Whatever you want Mc name: (for whitelisting)Hurse Age:14 skype name:trilochankanna1 Mic:Yes, but prefer not too talk to strangers Edited 15 Oct 2015 b
  2. Short sweat format: Funny, lonely guy needs a community to make people to listen to his jokes >:D IGN: Hurse Skype: trilochankanna1 Why do you want to join the SMP? It's been a long time since I found another white listed server.I was in another one but it was taken down due to the lack of people :/ What can you offer the server? I can offer the server a entertaining character Fun and basically anything with a joke in it Will the follow the rules? Yes, there is no question to that
  3. What is your IGN (in game name)? -Hurse How long have you been playing modded minecraft for? -I have been playing modded since 1.6.4 so about 2 years ago Are you familliar with this modpack? -Nope, not at all but I normally learn on the way as it's more fun Have you even been banned from any server? (If so for what reason) -Only have been kicked from popular servers for lag issues but nothing more (Have upgraded internet so it should not be a problem) Have you read the rules on the rule page? -Yep, I read it a while ago Anything else you want to share? -I have 2 questions 1) Are you still
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