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  1. I know when I first started to play tekkit legends I wanted to know how to make the power armor suit like my friends had but I wasn't sure how so I've make an easy tutorial on how to make it for anyone who doesn't know
  2. Video will explain all the items you'll be needing to craft a tinker table for your power armor. For anyone who still isn't sure on how to make your own tinker table to mod your power armor and make the suit work
  3. ComputerCraft Monitors Tutorial: Quick, Simple, Help [Computer Program Code] More information can be found on the video below in the description on YouTube
  4. Video is about how to program a beginner's mining turtle and make it work. This is the basics of coding / programming in the computercraft mod which is linked with the mining turtles mod. This tekkit legends tutorial covers: how to use the statements in the beginner's mining turtle, the start to using this mod. Want to see more tekkit tutorials? click here Join My Channel
  5. If he used to make tekkit tutorials like computer craft back in 2012 then that's me xD unfortunately I don't have those videos any more because I felt uncomfortable with my voice beaning high pitched and some other terrible reasons I wish I keept those videos. But I'm planning to start again on tekkit legends
  6. For anyone who needs help on this mod, this is a tekkit tutorial on how to craft an energy condenser mk1 and use one without the collectors. The video will show you the items needed and the correct placement in the crafting table using only 1 diamond
  7. Hello, this is FiveFistNinja. I have a Tekkit Legends series on my channel: http://bit.ly/1PsVky9 So far we have 5 episodes and we are looking forward to making more. Join our Minecraft adventures by clicking here! http://bit.ly/1WVNa5R These are the types of videos you can find on my channel:
  8. I was having the same problem when I first started playing this mod pack. See if this video can help you fix it (the video shows you how I got from 0 - 7 to 100+ fps no lag spikes or stuttering for singleplayer and multiplayer) Click Here To Watch Video or click the video below
  9. Watch this video I made It will show you how to do it and get 100+ FPS (6:08 minutes): Click Here To Watch Video or video below
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