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  1. [EDIT] I seem to have solved it but I don't know how to delete this post I'm not very good at making modpacks and I seem to have an issue with this newest one. I have the console log but I don't know how to read them so can someone who does know how to make sense of this help me please? Console log when attempting to boot the pack:
  2. Yes I need help with the JMV args. No other work around for the Java? One of the mods (Gulliver I think) said it specifically needed the version of forge I was using. I can test it with another version though.
  3. Gulliver, from the official and original minecraft forum download page, uses an installer. I appreciate the concern though. Yep, this is massive so something definitely went wrong. Sorry I'm quite new at this.
  4. So, I'm trying to make a private pack for a handful of friends (seeing as some of the mods used won't allow me to make a public pack). I've gotten the pack running fine, however I keep trying to add Gulliver and having problems. I've tried extracting the mod and dragging the contents in the modpack.jar, but when I do that and try to run the pack, it starts up then immediately exits to the launcher again. No official crash or crash report otherwise I would include it here. If someone knows what's going on PLEASE help me. Also general knowledge on adding installer mods would be appreciated for future reference so I'm not asking the same question next time.