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  1. Why don't you ask them?
  2. I use Essentials and it works just fine. You just remove CommandBook yourself and then install Essentials 2.8.2 like normal.
  3. I don't know if this is the problem or if it would cause a problem, but you said you ran it in single player. Tekkit isn't single player, but Technic is. If you ran the world on Technic then tried to run it on Tekkit then that might be your problem.
  4. You read the proper bug report format, but skipped using pastebin. Use it. It's a lot better than scrolling through all of that.
  5. I'm sorry, but without any real details there could be a million reasons why.
  6. I think he just rambled on hoping it sounded good.
  7. I'll be the nice guy. You need to use the proper bug report format.,2797.0.html
  8. You should put the version that you think you have. If it turns out you have the wrong version...we can't tell you because we don't know.
  9. You have to use 2.8.2 and follow their instructions. Easy.
  10. I usually do report them. I miss some.