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  1. Please see : for a solution
  2. Please see : for a solution
  3. download this : put it in your mods folder and it fix the issue. BEWARE it will destroy all your PowerConverters3 blocks as they do not have the same id. Make a backup to be sure before installing. I don't understand why tekkit is using a 2 year old library but ok... This a fork from Portablejim updated in September of this year This also fixes problem with the different tiers of Consumers exploding, and it adds steam compatibility as a bonus
  4. Hmmmm, I believe your problem is that you are leaving the area so the chunk gets unloaded, try this : I might be wrong tho.
  5. I saw that bug, you need to use an EV Consumer to get aound that bug (Expensive) power converter 3 is bugged a lot... Check what I just found out
  6. Hello, So i was playing survival and I found a way to create infinite power no idea how nobody else found it but oh well. The bug is terrible because it makes it so you dont even need any power generation machines... How: Put these blocks together RF Consumer -> Energy Bridge -> IC2 MV Producer -> MFE Put a power teleport pipe on the RF Consumer and boom rf Consumer says full and MFE is charging lol Just tested and it works also with Emerald Kinesis Pipe...