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  1. MC Account Name: xxmikegigsxx How long have you been playing Minecraft? A while, since the beginning of beta which I'm guessing is about 2 years How long have you been playing Voltz/Universal Electricity? One month What would you say your skill/knowledge level is in Voltz? (beginner, fair, adept, etc) Somewhere between fair and adept Why do you want to play on the server? I have just been playing single player and servers are much more fun. Plus this is a small server and the only whitelist server I saw, which are two pretty good things. What do you think you'd like to do if you are accepted?
  2. I'm pretty sure dream divers on the xbox is the best indie game
  3. I also forgot to include your digestive system in the except part. Your chemical formula is slightly off, but it doesn't matter much. Ethanol fermentation is a process most commonly done in yeast. Any or most organism(s) can perform fermentation. The fermentation of ethanol gets done by yeast because the sugar from grapes, sugarcane, or grain depending on what you make gets quickly glycolized by yeast. Almost all major makers of alcoholic beverages use yeast and in a few case, if any, they add bacteria to the yeast.
  4. Those are fungi, except yogurt. They are not bacteria, there is actually a really big difference.
  5. Wow thanks for being productive and adding something to the discussion. Not sure but I think you can make a folder for it and then change the download location to it.
  6. This is real thread recycling. My favorite cheese is Munster. With nacho cheese and white american close behind.
  7. When I was 12 is I think when I broke 100. Although I have always been tall.
  8. Cheese-Cheese cakes-food-eating habits-weights and proportions? *Edit too slow I guess. Andrew I'm not sure how old you are, but you should probably be at least 100lbs.
  9. They are almost identical and it is very easy to go from DoS to DDoS, you just make bots on your computer.
  10. An easy answer will come once you answer: do you use your ip for the server and have you pissed anyone off? Any angry virgin can DDoS you, so if you have pissed one off that could be the case. If it uses your ip then it is incredibly easy for someone to DDoS. I run a small private server and haven't ever had something like that happen to me, so I don't believe it is a glitch.
  11. Oh I see, not "that" funny but I see. In the latest version of the fossils mod you can't ride anything. The dev wanted the mod out for 1.3.2 so pushed it with no ability to ride dinos. A trail of fire= fire damage, blindness=nothing?(from what I know of mc potions).
  12. Well you can't currently ride anything. A mammoth wont give more wool than a sheep, just needs more grass. Fire trail>blinding spit. I'm not sure what you mean DLC because the only definition of it I know makes no sense there.
  13. My horses can fly, wear armor, leave trails of flames, and have inventories. Also you can color them. They are also much easier to get.
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