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  1. Looking for someone(s) to play Tekkit with. Any Tekkit will do except for Lite. - Number of people desired - 1-2 (not including me) - Timezone - GMT - Activity level (hours/day or week usually active) - My whole day normally, so around 10 hours per day. - Any inactive mods/items you may have - None - Age requirement - 11 - 15 - Server - Your server with Grief prevention (doesn't really matter) and pvp disabled or any grief prevention server. Quote
  2. I am a Moderator on a server called Purge Network for Tekkit Classic and we are currently looking for a developer who will help us make a Tekkit Main server v3.1.2. The server has to be using the factions plugin. We have builders to create warps, spawn and other things we need for a good Tekkit server. We have tried making a Vanilla Factions server but our developer was mean and he was kicked from developer. Our 2nd one was for Tekkit Main but the server just stopped working so he banned everyone and gave up. We need someone who wont give up and WILL make a server for us. Our Tekkit Classic server is tekkit.purge-network.com, website is purge-network.com. Please contact me or the owner on skype. Our usernames are as provided: Owner: rokon1minecraft Me (Moderator) : thegamingant123
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