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  1. Soryy if this is the wrong help but if it's not downloading , at the place on the website were you write the link of the download , Test to add a 1 , and take away the 0. THis only works at dropbox . Example: Your link to the modpack file is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rlog08b1m2x2kay/ekore kille.jpg?dl=0 Just change the 0 to an 1 so it looks like this : https://www.dropbox.com/s/rlog08b1m2x2kay/ekore kille.jpg?dl=1 Sorry if this is wrong help-thing But it can also be that u need to change the forge files name to modpack.jar . Sorry If this is wrong help-thing.
  2. Hello , I cant play any modpack on the technic launcher.One day it just stoped to work . I can download modpacks but don't play them. I have 64-bit system and java . My technic launcher have 3GB memory. I gave my java more memory too.I use windows 10. I have tested to redownload the technic launcher many times , and yes I have deleted all the files (and the file) on the .technic file. Before I could play any modpack. I can play the normal minecraft and mods (without the l launcher) . Please help someone and thanks for reading!
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