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  1. Hello, this is kind of hard to explain but... I tested out my modpack by downloading it but i noticed that it says 0 Downloads, I used to own a couple modpacks to it. And it usually said 1 to 3 downloads, Any case on how to fix this?
  2. Hello, This may be the last time i play on technic launcher because they never update there techinc platform thingy, i can never upload modpacks. it will just give me a error unpacking the following pack: Stupidtestpack, blah blah blah consult the author. if you've seen my other threads than theres more info im pissed right now i made a modpack but no FREAKING host for it!!! Please help or ill shread my pc into little megabytes shiz
  3. "Error unzipping a file for the following pack: Deadpixelcraff21.1 Attempting to extract file Deadpixelcraff21.1-1.0.zip, but the file did not exist Please consult the author" Im getting tired of this message im this close to raging and hack some pc or phone games. Can someone help me with this its getting really annoying and im pissed off everyday now..
  4. DeadPixelCraff21!!! Is now out !! What is the modpack DeadPixelCraff21? Terms and rules? Wheres the folder to create my server? how do i install the modpack launcher? How do i get the modpack? Enjoy our modpack and have fun!! Why are you posting it on Technic forums ?
  5. Hello, i did everything correctly for my modpack, inside the bin folder i made forge modpack.jar, Inside the config absolutely nothing, Inside the mods folder the mods i want, I add to archive for the bin, config, and mods, i make them modpack.jar, I place modpack.jar into the dropbox alternative "copy.com". It uploads i make my modpack i place the info in and i copy the public link from the dropbox i use, i paste it in the modpack location. I click update modpack. i go in to the technic launcher. i look up my modpack, There it is right? ok when i press install it never works nor did it instal
  6. Ty so much i i found already though but ty anyway lol
  7. Hello, I believe i did everything right here, I made all my files zip, the jar file forge universal extracted and zipped, my bin, config, and mods zipped, my mods all extracted and zipped, i tried a few other methods that didnt really help so some of your ideas i may already considered on trying. I used all the dropbox alternatives like, dropbox, copy.com, google drive, mega, etc.. My main problem is the technic launcher installing it as a modpack and creating a modpack. I remember a few errors to it that i have reported to technic staff but they gave me no reponse so i chose to make a thread
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