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  1. So I just launched my tekkitlegends server to start working on it, but when I try to join it gives me the message: "Authentication servers are down, Please try again later, sorry!" But the authentication servers are up. After numerous restarts and client restarts it continues to do this, yes my server IS in online mode, running a dedicated server, Java 7, Ubuntu 14.04. I have never had this error before, so I'm quite curious as to why it has occurred. Love for the person that helps me fix it, if anyone can <3
  2. I Could sell these patches to you, PM me.
  3. Hello, I have recently finished creating tekkitclassic servers so I decided to sell my server, tekkitplanet.com It has a hub, factions and survival. Custom Core plugin with vote crates, custom spawn, custom ranks, teamspeak, custom website, custom banner. I am selling all of this for a minimum: £50, yes I know you might think that is a lot if you're on a budget, but that's actually really cheap for what I'm selling. If you are interested in buying my server leave a reply. Thanks.
  4. Hello today I was browsing around the forums and some other places noticing people don't have the main patches needed for a tekkitclassic server like: Redpower patch - fixes a lot of stuff Railcraft patch - Patches the item loader and tank cart dupe Tubestuff patch - stops most lag with the mod ironchest patch - Stops lag, cant see the items inside a crystal chest. If anyone needs these PM me or leave a comment and I could discuss a price. Or if I have a lot of people asking I could just release them.. Selling: PlayerConnector - Connect the player count of multiple tekkitclassic servers to one, preferably a hub server. VoteSend - send vote rewards to multiple tekkitclassic servers, the one on bukkit doesn't work on modded servers. Hub plugin - not for sale or wouldn't be cheap. NoChunkDupe - stops dupes with teleporting in chunks. EEPatch - Stops people from bypassing claims, wordguard etc with EE items, such as destruction catalyst: www.builds.taico.nl/eepatch/
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