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  1. Duping and flying is so easy to get away with. My very favorite part about the modpacks is the ROCKET (_)_)::::SHIPS:::::::D that you can take off and fly to the moon with ~~~ But theyll crash the server when you do so and theres no point in using them since theres no hack preventative plugin and you can just fly around at hyperspeed without getting a slap on the wrist, but when you say a sentance with more than 2 capital letters you get tempbanned for 2 days. Stephen92 is a very great guy, huge shoutout to him! I LOVEEEEE his modpacks, especially the malfunctioning ones like his "To the moon and back" modpack and his "Superheroes unlimited modpack" I think its important to recognize how hard Stephen tries, and I truly respect him, but when the outcome is so disappointing like this, I cannot describe my feelings for him as utmost respect.
  2. No longer in beta! Full release is out and you can download here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/heroes-of-war.861576
  3. Hey! Do you like shootin and rootin and tooting and polluting (just kidding we're enviro-friendly) then you found the right place! We're just about to open up Heroes of War to the public, for now however, it is just in beta. We'd be glad if you came and checked us out, perhaps liked our modpack, gave us suggestions on how we could improve, etc. Im sevdeawesome, Ive made multiple server modpacks in the past and am pretty proficient in the art of modpacking. I really enjoy providing something unique to the user, and I enjoy seeing people have fun, and giving me feedback. We have a discord, here: https://discord.gg/0142drLIGcCE2dK5z A forums, here: sevnet.enjin.com and an amazing, family friendly, unique modpack! You can download the modpack here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/heroes-of-war.861576 When you first join the server, you will be prompted to select a team depending on the current round. You will then fight tooth and nail with your opponents in either capture the flag, team deathmatch or free for all deathmatch! We have 7 maps and are making more, if you want to make them, thats an option too! Just send them to us!
  4. A working host is sugarsync.com!!! You get 1 month free trial, then it costs money. To make the download links direct add ?directDownload=true to the end
  5. Do you have any weird plugins? Try uploading your map to the server without some plugins (these could be any plugin that adds items or messes with them, but not like pex or essentials). Either that or try deleting config folders 1 by one, a lot of mods let you configure item ids and you may have done so a while back in your server config. Also, nice to know that other people are using thermos, Ive been having a few issues with it myself but I think I prefer it to kcauldron. EDIT: Also if there are any mods that you dont have in server, but in client, besides mods like optifine and damage indicators which are client only, then you should add those to server.
  6. Hey! We're a new lord of the rings modded server with tons of awesome things to do, and adventures to go on! You can download the modpack here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/filthy-little-hobbitses.850361 and you will lay eyes on a beautiful custom title screen, from which you just have to hit "Join the battle" and you will enter our server! We have 30 slots, but we will upgrade/downgrade according to player base. We've operated multiple modpacks in the past, Destruction and Despair being our main one, and we'd like to expand the modded minecraft community and show people what we have to offer! Because we know you will love it, maybe, hopefully, well, youre supposed to! Come check us out!
  7. We're rising up on the trending list, make sure to stop by and check us out, maybe even leave a like!
  8. DOWNLOAD THE MODPACK HERE: http://technicpack.net/modpack/samurai-life.836362 JOIN THE DISCORD HERE: https://discord.gg/0oYz6fyYXsUOFGa0 LIFE COMES WITH AN OFFICIAL SERVER AND PVP IS ENCOURAGED!!!! A couple of the mods: Tinkers construct Jonds Ninja mod Harvestcraft aquaculture fantastic fish ExtraTIC Metallurgy Biomes O' Plenty Exotic birds! Voxelmap Damage indicators M & M Mod Malasis doors Project Zulu Desertcraft WAILA WAWLA Sushicraft Need a healthy break from technology that still retains all the fun pvp, economy and player interactions that you know and love? You have come to the right place. Life may sound sweet and peaceful, and it sure can be if you hide in a hole underground, but once you enter the arena, it will be a brutal bloodbath. Create a town, defend that town, or be peaceful, and open up a grocery store. The possibilities are endless! Life was created to find a balance with reality and creativity/fun while providing a unique and epic built in public server. This pack is great for all types of people, and we hope you come check us out! If you are bored of this pack, try our other one, Destruction and Despair, a great place to satisfy your pvp and raiding desires, can be downloaded here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/raiding-and-glee.804495l
  9. Here is my technic modpacks discussion, and what their owner had to say about it: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/raiding-and-glee.804495/discuss But yea, I have also heard that he is trying to get my account banned from technic out of suspicion that I am a "hacker from romania" or whatever his deal is. He is spreading this rumor to thousands of people, I dont like that at all, I dont think my account should be removed from technic, I love having my own modest server and modpack and if people have a problem with it, I usually just tell them just to leave if they need to, but this one wont leave, and continues his absurd accusations, without any proof. The majority of what I consider harassment can be seen at http://hybridassault.enjin.com/ Im not ok with being accused of crimes like this, especially when I didnt do them.
  10. I dont know if this poses as an important topic for many of you out there, but over the past week, I have had a horrible experience because of harassment caused by carfreak10598, a technic user whose account can be found here: http://www.technicpack.net/profile/603654. I am not entirely sure where this topic should be posted, but I think its very important that it is addressed. I was wrongfully accused of "hacking" his minecraft server, ever since he as come to the wrong conclusion that I am the culprit behind this, he has announced it publicly, while sharing a link to my modpack, and since then, over 20 people have come on to my server/modpack saying that I was a hacker, one went as far as to say that I was a "HACKING FA**OT FROM ISIS WHO SHOULD KILL THEMSELVES" and continued to say "F*CK THIS MODPACK EVERYONE JOIN HYBRID ASSAULT". I have also been threatened to be ddosed, people have threatened to come to my house, people have threatened to hack my account and modpack, and people commenting on my enjin and technic profile about how horrible of a person I am. I have commented on the modpack hybrid assault here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/hybridassault-tacticalwarfare.833005/discuss and my comments are continue to be deleted, even though I am simply stating that I didnt hack this server, and I didnt. On carfreaks forum, at http://hybridassault.enjin.com/, carfreak says, " I am to understand we have been hacked again and I was being impersonated. I intend to press charges so idrinkcloroxm8 and sevdeawesome I will see you in court. Your bouncing around VPN's and even living in Romania will not help you now. I will also be further securing the server and hope to be up by tomorrow. " Despite not having any evidence, of anything at all, Ive only loaded his modpack 3 times infact, people still believe his nonsense. Comments on that post include, " At least if u sue them, you can afford to get a dedicated box " , " I fuckin hope.And carfreak10598 Sue him for enough money to keep the server running and upgraded Lmao " and " LMAO GET SUED SEV AND CLOROX YOU FAGGOTS LMAO " These are some of the few comments on that post, and I have no idea who "clorox" is and I have no correlation to them. I request this account be banned from technic, I have already reported his enjin discussion page to enjin.com, and havent gotten a reply. Another thing I think is odd is their staff application, although I dont want to go too in depth with it, I found a lot of the questions rather offensive, questions such as "how many bitches do you f*ck". Although that isnt the main point, I just thought I should point it out, because I personally was offended by this, and extremely offended by the entire situation, and I hope technic doesnt support this sort of behavior. I think that carfreak is pretending to be hacked, because his modpack is trending, he is able to get a large amount of attention and a lot of that attention becomes negative attention towards me, personally, which is not ok.
  11. Hey, Im wondering if and how I can delete my old technic modpack that I do not want any more. I dont see any delete button, sorry if this is a dumb question, I just want to get rid of it. EDIT: Nevermind, found it, just had to scroll down a little bit!
  12. Still wondering... if anyone knows that would be great, its been a week since I posted this
  13. Hey, I just want to know if there is a way to embed youtube videos in a modpacks description, and if so, how, thanks in advance!
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