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  1. So much new things... I cant get over it.

  2. Maybe cut the chunk with it on it? (That may take a while)
  3. Anyone else have this problem? Its from the .bat file...
  4. Tried, it goes all slow and the messages come up. I'm currently just going to format it. As soon as I find a way to do it without a format-disk that will re-install windows 7. Wish me luck on my endless crappy journey to completely flattening my computer to hard bread .
  5. Ah, CISPA. Thanks for putting the internet into more and more 60-year-old virgins working at the government and never laid there hands on a keybored in there life. The internet is great!
  6. Please, can someone help me with my problem? Seriously, whats a yottab- Never mind. We have google. Just answer the first question; How do I fix my computer?
  7. *sigh* Its a tipo! Read the other posts :derp:
  8. Hey! Black is racist. African american >:(
  9. Apparently it didn't so I sent a three paragraph full error report on my error. Cant wait. EDIT: I sent the report to my computer company (Acer). :|
  10. Found the problem. I downloaded microsoft .net framework 2.0. Works like a charm
  11. Oh my. That's sounds pretty scary any way to fix it?