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  1. Hello Friends! I hope this is the right Thread... I made a new modpack today, everything was fine with some mods, I added much more mods for more fun. First I had 2 errors that I have to update the version of NEI and CodeChickenCore, but after that was done I had a new error. I attached a screenshot from the error and the log file. Please help... My Modpack is in Minecraft Version 1.7.10 and has the following mods: + bspkrsCore+ TreeCapitator+ Additional Pipes for IC2+ Advanced Machines for IC2+ ChickenChunks+ CodeChickenCore+ CompactSolars+ ComputerCraft+ Connected Glass+ Dimensional Anchors+ EnderStorage+ Equivalent Exchange 3+ Factorization+ Immibis Core+ InventoryTweaks+ IronChest+ LogisticPipes+ ModularPowersuites+ NEI Addons+ Project Red+ Rei's Minimap+ TubeStuff + Applied Energistics 2+ CoFH Core+ MineFactory Reloaded+ NetherOres+ OptiFine+ ThermalFoundation+ ThermalExpansion + Industrial Craft 2+ BuildCraft All are in an 1.7.10 version.. Thanks fml-client-latest.log
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