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  1. Hosting Servers for *FREE* Hello, my dear friends, my name is HeroicGinger and I am working on starting a hosting service My goal is to allow more modded servers to come up and to provide a fun experience for everyone I will be providing *FREE* Startup servers basicly for the first TWO months I will be providing *FREE*. *After TWO months from the start date I will start charging for the server. Server Pricing 2GB $4USD 4GB $8USD 5GB $10USD 6GB $13USD 8GB $16USD 10GB $18USD 12GB $22USD I hope to hear from you all soo
  2. Hello I have been running and editing my own custom modpack Crescent Moon and I could really use some help fixing some bugs in the server. As well as find bugs so If you would like to join my server and help with fixing bugs fantastic. If you just want to join and help find bugs by all means please do. Shoot me as message and feel free to join my discord if you need me. I will answer discord messages within about 12 hours and Technic with in 24 hours. Please I could really use some help I am the only one working on this and its really draining. Thanks for reading this hope to hear from someone
  3. Hello I need staff for my modded minecraft server. I really need someone good at permissionsex as well as others good at other plugins and mods. If your interested please reply I need staff asap. Hope to hear from someone soon thanks. Link to modpack to download: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/bestmodpack123
  4. Hey my name is Sirherobrine the owner of the modpack and server called Crescent moon. I have made this modpack based on magic and tech. I dont have guns but thought you would like to check it out as well as I am accepting staff applications. Here is the link to download it. http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/bestmodpack123
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