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  1. Alright, me and a friend of mine are looking in to make a pvp mod pack. Well we hit a bit of a snag with ideas. So Technic community we ask "What would you like to see in a pvp oriented pack?". We are also split on making it a total factions server to where no one is safe from the chaos (defense tech, nukes ect enabled) OR a towny pvp server that is pvp oriented but not a chaotic (no Defense Tech or nukes). List your ideas for this pack below! we want to know what YOU guys want in a pack to better serve your tastes and not just our own ideas.
  2. hmmm that much im not sure of you might have to make the spawn as long as the world gen is correct that is
  3. spawn map as refering to the world file or the actual spawn? it should generate the "world" but the actual spawn you might have to make
  4. sent you mail on where to find me
  5. Good evening, This thread is dedicated to see how players would like my mod pack! General knowledge: The modpack is set in a post apocalyptic world, barren of any grass/plants/Living trees. You can either work co-op with other players to decide to go it alone and take what you want or need. It have Flans, Machines,space-travel (to give it a more diverse places to set up factions). The server its self has a little bit of lore to it but its gonna be mostly Player driven store... IE the first guy to the moon, once some one shows me that they have sustained them selves on th
  6. **update** i got it working! than you Plowmanplow for helping me, heres what i did incase anyone else wants to do thise go to your FTP, Open the "Public file" and drag your modpack directly there, and then go to http://www.websitename.com/mymodpack-1.0.zip , DONT put it in a sub directory IE http://www.websitename.com/modpack/mymodpack-1.0.zip for some odd reason that doesnt work so well!
  7. ya see i tried that and it kept giving me an error retrieving file.
  8. Alright, i own my own website ( i have root access to it FTP all of that jazz) How do i get it where i can host my own modpack (the modpack zip file) on there so i don;t have to go to some other website like dropbox to store my stuff because i dont really want to deny my users if my account gets Lock due to high traffic. Any help in this matter is greatly appreciated! and no things like "use solder" that is WAY to complex for my little brain to handle
  9. Hello!, Im looking for a modpack that has magic,Tech, and the best of all guns and explosives!! Im looking for a mod pack like this for a server. If you can link me to a Pack that has all this and more Please do!, if not and you are intrested in making a modpack like this Please do!!! Goal: My main objective is to make a MC server that is comprised around PVP and war!! i want all sorts of wacky things that you can make from factorys to Magical little nooks and crannys. My motto is Gaining power to protect what you own. What i want: At least some guns (like flans) and tech and magic!, i'll leav
  10. Ok my friend is trying to play tekkit (1.5.2 version) on her windows 8 computer and it give her the " 100% no update found" and just sits there... and im trying to get her in to tekkit but it wont let her help please! and please no disbuting about what is better thank you
  11. im getting the same thing now, come on tekkit team fix this we have faith in you....
  12. Title: Crashing at/after mojang logo Version: 1_0_3 OS: Windows 7 (x86) version 6.1 Java Version: 1.7.0_21 Description of Problem: Ok, i just downloaded the new tekkit launcher on my brand new computer, after i tried to launch the newsiest version of tekkit and it keeps crashing on start up. Error Messages: Error Log: ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Sorry Time: 5/17/13 4:38 PM Description: Failed to start game java.lang.NullPointerException at andrew.powersuits.common.AddonComponent.populate(AddonComponent.java:12) at andrew.powersuits.common.ModularPo
  13. Im getting this error too... i made a post about it but no one answered it. my only error is with the power armor... and it crashes the mojang thing too
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