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  1. hello, i am writing for 2 people as my friend cannot create an account on the forums. My IGN - Harambe_Returns His IGN- nitch42 Both me and him have a lot of experience on different minecraft modpacks. Mainly tekkit classic. I am aged 16 and he is 19. Just looking for a friendly community.
  2. IGN : Harambe_Returns Age : 16 I have played a lot of hours on tekkit classic, around 120. and around 12 on TL. I am looking for an active, mature community to play in. My friend is having trouble create a tekkit forum account so he has asked me to apply for him in the post aswell. ign- nitch42 age : 19 both him an i have played together , so our hours are roughly the same.
  3. IGN - Harambe_Returns Age-16 My friend cant create an account so he asked me to include him too IGN - nitch42 age-19