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  1. Hello, I'am the owner of the mudpack A.O.W. I recently figured out how to pre add my server into the multiplayer tab so players wouldn't have to type in the ip. (You put the server.dat into the main of the mudpack folder) and when I updated my pack, the text got all messed up(The languages wasn't changed at all). I am asking someone to please help me with this problem, I tried removing the server.dat file, and it didn't work. Please help, thanks for reading this, Matey.
  2. When I did this, it corrupted my mudpack and now when you launch the pack, it's nothing but scrambled text. For instance the multiplayer tab is just a bunch on scwiggaly lines that isn't any language. Is there a fix to this?
  3. Hey guys, I was wondering how to pre add a server. I have my very own modpack - A.O.W - All out war, and I have an official server for it, but i was wondering how to pre add the server into the server list so players wont even have to type in the ip. For instance Pokemon+ comes with 3 pre added servers. Also I was wondering how to add back grounds and edit the options, for instance how could I delete the option singleplayer, or edit the words, singleplayer to solo. Anyway, it would be nice to know all these things, but the main thing I want to know is how to pre add servers into the server list. Thanks for reading, Matey
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