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  1. -I am no longer looking to join your server, as it seems you have abandoned your post. if you do not reply within 5 days, I will delete my posts.
  2. hello there

    I see we live very close to each other

    dont see that very often :3

    greetings from richmond bc :P

  3. MC name: rehetil274 Age:12 Reason for playing: I have searched everywhere for tekkit classic servers, but all of them seem to be either owned by psychotic 4 year olds, or providing extremely OP starter kit items when first joined. I have gotten sick and tired of searching for hours on end, and I seem to have found a friendly, quiet server where I can build stuff in peace. (Iv gotten annoyed of "vote to get 10 red matter and 2 LV solars!") Also, 12 year olds aren't always rude, childish and ignorant, so please think about it instead of declining immediately after seeing the number. Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you on the server PS (I have 3 years of tekkit experience) skype is planokian, I already added you unless its the wrong person xD -rehetil274