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  1. Can I get unbanned from the discord server? I was banned like 2 to 3 years ago maybe? Not sure what I was banned for tho. Krona#0267
  2. IP: Rules: No griefing, No hacking, No duping. Plugins: Essentials and Grief Prevention Made this server because the bigger servers were to OP Usually 24/7 might go down for maintenance This community only wants friendly players only! To join you must fill out this application!!! MC name: Age: Reason for playing: Skype(you can pm me if you want): Thanks all hope to see you on there!
  3. Hey me and my friend would love to join you. Tekkit classic was our modpack that we first started off and we have played many other modpacks including self-made modpacks. our minecraft names are, Krona_ and Ichigo_Games. hope to see you on there.
  4. Hey I would be glad to help you out on your server
  5. IGN: Krona_ Mc name: Krona_ Age:15 skype name: vazage101 Mic: yea please let me join would love to play with you.
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