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  1. Ahh thanks for the GoED tip. Been trying to find out how to cope with the crazy amounts of EMC for ages. :')
  2. ►IGN: beckey12 ►Age: 15 ►Time Zone: UK (GMT) ►Time usually on: Weekends. Most weekday nights. ►What is geocaching? Basically, you find hidden "boxes" and sign your name. You take one item and replace it with another (usually of equal value). GPS/Phones are often used to help find them because they're usually well hidden. I've been geocaching before. :') I'm guessing in game it'd be a similar concept.
  3. IGN: beckey12 AGE: 15 HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KICKED / BANNED FROM A SERVER AND WHY?: no WHY DO YOU LIKE TEKKIT? because there's so many things to do, learn and create! There's so many possibilities and unique things to make. I adore playing tekkit with a community as well. Which is why I'd love to join this server. WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE COMMUNITY? I'm always willing to help people and I love talking in the community. Hopefully I can become friends with a few people. I'd also love to set up some machinery to automatically create items that I can sell to people with trade o mats. If that's ok of course.
  4. I was just wondering why I was denied? Is it because you're out of space? Or is it another reason? I don't mind, I'd just like to know for future reference. Thanks.
  5. Age: 15 IGN: beckey12 Have you ever been banned, if so, explain why and how many times you have been banned: no Why do you think you should join this server (5-6 Sentences): I love community servers, and this one seems perfect for me . Why should we accept you to this server (5-6 Sentences): I'd love to help out in the community as much as I can, I've been played Tekkit for about 6 months now at least and I have a pretty good knowledge in EE, BC, IC2 and I'm learning RP2 (pneumonic pipes are like a godsent everyone's scared to use. They reduce lag! XD I try to use them as much as possible). I'd also love to set up some automated systems and a stall with trade o mats to sell goods to people. Hopefully I'm allowed . Have you read and studied the rules: Of course! What will you do for the server (5-6 Sentences): I'll help out the community! I'll speak to others. I'll set up a stall to sell items (in servers I've been on before, they're a nice addition as they're basically a way to reduce crafting times for the lazy, and a good EMC maker too. As well as improving the community).
  6. IGN:beckey12 Have you ever been banned from a server:no What will you do on the server:I'll build of course! I'd love to eventually start automated production of certain items, then set up trade-o-mats to sell them! I hope that would be okai :'). What do are admins going to look for when you join:A lovely addition to the community who is easy going and helpful. Why should you join Equestria's Minecraft server: I love communities and helping out each other. I'd love to help others as much as I can, and I think I might set up a small stall to sell items if I am allowed of course. Oooooh by the way, I signed up to your awesome Unicorn site too. As well as posting my application on there. My username is "Beckey". Just thought I'd let you know.
  7. Minecraft Name: beckey12 Why you would like to join the community here at SilliTekkit: The server I was previously on was shut down due to inactivity of the host (and eventually many of the players stopped apart from me and a couple others). I think I was a valuable asset to the server though and I think I did a good job of getting along with everyone (even after one or disagreements between the others). I'd love to feel like part of a community again and I have a great love of tekkit (I guess I'm a massive nerd like that - well I guess we all are). I feel like I have a good knowledge of lots of aspects of the game and I'm eager to learn more. Do you have any bans on record? No, don't worry, I'm as clean as a whistle (excuse the predictability of that simile). :') How long will you be able to play on SilliTekkit? Most likely every day. I look forward to hearing from you.
  8. Minecraft Username: beckey12 Real Name: Rebekah Skype: yes, I normally just leave it open for messages, but appear offline because I feel awkward on calls My build style: I normally use quite a small space, sometimes I build towers or small castles (mainly because I often can't fill the spaces ). Me banned: No Age: 15 How long: Minecraft vanilla: 9 months Tekkit: 6 months
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