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  1. We made this modpack with the idea around never getting bored. We added tons of magic based mods. Ars magica 2, Witchery, Thaum craft, and Draconic Evolution are just a few. We also have quite a few machinery mods to allow those who love to automate some freedom. The goal of this modpack is to make it so you never achieve end game. There's so many big mods in this modpack, you will never be able to master them all and there will be tons of variety in how players play. We will have a server coming soon, and it will automatically be added to your server list Contact us with questions or s
  2. Ok. For some reason, I can't sign into my account. This happens every time i make a technic account (it only works once) so RIP please dont help me solve this, just pretend im the guy above (im the same person) this is my new account So heres the link to my modpack, sry idk what happened heres the modpack pls help i have NO idea whats happening there isnt even an error log http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/magicizationtest.900192
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