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  1. I went to MCPC+ after the Internal Server Errors started so they were happening before as well. Could REALLY use some help xD BTW! The server itself isn't crashed, but the player exploring is kicked and is able to join back with no problem.
  2. I use 4GB and it works perfectly. 2 and 3 may be just enough to get you by but I wouldn't recommend anything less than 3
  3. Hi there! I seem to be having an issue. When exploring (discovering new chunks), the player doing so is kicked from the server and left glaring at, "Internal Server Error". I did some research and removed DimDoors (or at least every trace of it I could find) and it was fixed. Recently, after about 2 days, it started occurring again. Here is what the console had to say. Like I said, DimDoors is gone. This is a private server, only 4 people play on it. I would prefer NOT to have to delete any player/map files! Thanks for helping!