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  1. I am aware of all of the other subthreads of the relatively same issue, but I have been attempting to fix this problem relentlessly for the past 3 days Every single time I launch anything off the technic launcher, it will flicker and then close immediately. I have attempted to fix the issue but i have not fixed. https://pastebin.com/zx1aw0Aa This is the pastebin for the vanilla launch https://pastebin.com/bsteQ9Hg This is the pastebin for SevTech Ages I have also had this issue before but I never fixed it, unrelatedly I factory reset my computer and i still have the same issue. Happens 10/10 times Happens any time launching any modpack Expect modpack to appear, doesnt Launchers reopens after flickering
  2. Also I have tried everything I found on the forums and in videos. Info Windows 10 Intel HD Graphics 3000 2nd generation i5 processor 8 gb of ram
  3. Everytime I launch a modpack its launches to a white screen. The white screen stays there for as long as i dont close it. Please help. http://pastebin.com/ug1k41dy