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  1. Worked on 8u25, but not 60. Thanks Any idea if there's going to be a patch to Minecraft itself that deals with the issue, or is this something that can't be patched?
  2. I'm having an issue that is probably run into the ground by now, but none of the fixes I have found after months of googling through forums are working. I am running a Windows 10 computer with Intel HD Graphics as the driver on my computer. I have tried uninstalling the updates to my driver and updating to the newest driver via the Intel website, but I'm still getting the "Pixel Format Not Accelerated" error, along with several OpenGL related errors, all of which are shown in the attached error log. I have attempted running it both full screen and windowed, with every single modpack and the vanilla Minecraft. I'm hoping someone in this community has figured out a workaround for the error. I tried to attach my DXDiag text file, but the upload failed, so I'm putting it at the bottom of this in a quote, if I can. Thanks for any help you can give. William I only attached part of the DXDiag because of issues with the thing getting rejected... crash-2017-06-01_14.56.27-client.txt
  3. I'm having the same problem. The launcher will minimize. If the modpack has CB's Modloader, it will pop up, and a few seconds later the launcher comes back as if I closed Minecraft. It's annoying