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  1. It first started out when I tried building a Reinforced Iron Chest, part of Improved Storage. After attempting to open the chest (to compare its storage capacity against that of a regular chest) the game closed completely to the launcher. The game now crashes completely when trying to re-enter. (standing nearby / same chunk as the chest, but it did not crash when first placing the chest, and now it crashes immediately when the world loads?) LOG: [All previous messages seem pretty much the same an not much use at all, they are just a list of the name of every mod in the pack.]
  2. This is probably never going to be read ever, but When you log into Technic Launcher the screen asks for a name and password, however some people might wrongly assume this is asking for their username. Simply put, I think the header should be changed to something like 'email address' or have it written in parenthesis in order to make the UI clearer.
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