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  1. Yo AetherPirate thanks man fixed the problem. I have been looking on these forums for days to find a answer but I couldn't find it thanks again.
  2. What is really making me made is I just reformatted my computer so it's pretty much brand new. When I downloaded technic launcher it was fine and I downloaded Tekkit Legends it was working and I was like cool its fixed. But when I downloaded Tekkit the space one it freaked out and said it couldn't download some files and now none of them work. I feel like theirs a problem with there servers or something communicating because it works fine on my buddy's computer but not on mine and I know my computer has way more then enough computerizing power to run this game on the max.
  3. Whenever I try to open any modpack, it beings installing the assets. Then the launcher closes and immediately reopens to the launcher. I have tried letting it use up 15 GB of space because I have 16 GB of RAM but it still doesn't help. Im running Java 8 Update 121 64-bit. techniclauncher_2017-02-11.log
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