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  1. Yep, that looks like the problem... I hope someone can fix it - I want to play Hexxt and Tekkit again!
  2. Ah yeah I don't have sound in Technic Pack mods either It's a real bummer. For example, in Hexxit, only the occasional bird sound or gem shard collection noise - everything else is completely silent. Is there a reason this has changed? ie. Mojang has killed all the sound files - or perhaps Technic is now looking in the wrong place for them...? Is this the kind of thing that will get fixed, or is Technic Pack dead?
  3. Hi all I'm just running a very small local server for Tekkit Classic. I'm trying to add the /sethome and /home commands in, so I can teleport home when required. I've hunted down the plugin - Homestead (, and found a versino that runs on the server (1.0.1). When I try to use either command, it says "Not allowed to do that.". Ok, frustrating, I figure it must be a permissions thing... So I give myself op, and sure enough, the commands work fine. But I want other friends who join to be able to use the commands, too. So I notice on the wiki for Homestead it tells you the permissions: Homestead.Command.Home Homestead.Command.Home.Set So I think, cool, ok, I'll figure out how to put those in. After reading for a while, various websites tell me to modify the permissions.yml file, and this seems to be what I need to put in... groups: Member: default: true permissions: - Homestead.Command.Home - Homestead.Command.Home.Set So I do that. No dice. Same as before "Not allowed to do that.". I'm frustrated and stumped. All I want is for these 2 commands to work Can anyone help? Please! Thanks! Also I've tried editing the above post, however I'm being blocked with a CAPTCHA (cloudflare... grr). If anyone knows a better way to get a teleport home - please tell me