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  1. When we try to craft any gem tools from the RedPower mod on our 3.0.3 Tekkit server the image appears for a second and then disappears. Does anyone else have this problem and/or a solution? EDIT: Fixed, I had to restart the server.
  2. Heres the 64x version, I tested it in Technic 6 and everything looks right (Except forestry of course as it isn't in Technic 7), Unfortunately I cant test in Technic 7 because it crashes when I select a texture pack Anyways, download link! Feel free to add it to the OP http://www.mediafire.com/?pc176zdh3u9g63m
  3. Ah but, not all files are the same size, for example, some files are 2048 px and then some are simply 128 px. Ive been going through GIMP's "Scale Image" function just to make sure I get it right For anyone thats wondering, I may do a 32x version IF I can be bothered I'm gonna try and message Leddy231 to see if he can send me a list of every file added, so I dont have to resize everything again in the next update :P
  4. I have the full on texture pack (minus thumcraft, working on it) in 64x, Ill put a link up here for everyone when thumcraft is done 103 files to resize!
  5. My friend had a similar problem, the download got to about 30% then stopped. I had to send him my .technic folder to get it working, if you have a friend also playing technic get them to send it to you. Just tell them to make sure they don't tick the box to remember their password. Hope that fixes your problem.
  6. but what comes after the Energy Link? Would there need to be pipes to the quarry or something?
  7. So as we all know the Forestry Mod will be removed in the next update of Technic/Tekkit. I was wondering what I could use to convert IC2 power (EU from a nuclear reactor, solar panels and such) To buildcraft power to power say a quarry. I found this, http://www.tekkitwiki.co.uk/index.php/Power_Converters, and the Energy Link looks like what im looking for. My current setup is MSFU -> HVT -> MVT -> LVT -> Glass fibre cable -> Eletrical Engine -> Quarry What would my setup need to be when the time of 1.2.5 Tekkit comes?
  8. So, two eletrical engines either side of a quarry, one works, one doesnt, can anyone tell me why? Right one works the left one just gives off the particles showing its being powered by redstone.
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