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  1. Heres one, takes quite a bit more effort, but more eu/t. http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/v3/reactorplanner.html?21p7i4sc5eycp4k78cl3bn0k3va4l5laljt7a23eqvdqm4tf8575jnijqr6cknyabop2ilflmn0xhq8 2960 eu/t, very resource heavy (ex. 2710 copper ingots), but a lot of energy enough for 592 UU matter WITHOUT scrap, with scrap you can make a lot more. I could make one more effecient, but don't currently have the time to do so.
  2. Looking for small servers, anything from 2-12. Activity: I'm in eastern united states, usually 4-7 PM weekdays and about 7-11 AM and 2-7 PM about. No mic, sorry. I'm good with tekkit classic, tekkit lite introduces some things I don't know about, but I'm ready to learn. (and read wiki pages.) My favorite mod to use is IC2 along with BC and RP to create automatic machines.
  3. Wonderful server, you have a basic power source and some cabling, a good start if I say so myself. And the server has very little lag, I can play WITHOUT my settings on full lowest with sphax and still have very minimal lag. Very well done server, kudos to you Joe.
  4. Honestly have no idea how to work it with technic launcher. Can someone please tell me how? I watched a video and it told me I needed a dl.dropbox link, can't find one.
  5. Edit: I got in, but the server is in a state of anarchy, there needs to be a protection plugin set up (Besides LWC, that only protects chests and machines and whatnot). If you log on you can sort it out better, also nobody seems to care about the rules or laws/laws of engagement.
  6. Server down, and I was looking forward to playing it after Christmas..... Oh well, dread will probably get around to getting it up soon.
  7. The only reason I haven't been on is because no one else has been... So it's dead. Again. Somehow I am not surprised by this.
  8. Bug report, tried to use /rankup (I'm A) and got ranked up to _F and now is highest rank. :/ Edit: have pretty much no perms. And I found out it took about 500k of my money.
  9. Minecraftbear, it's time for you to set up A, S, and Elite and stuff because me, Kvanza, and Winner are all in A, nothing to do but mine diamonds.
  10. Minecraftbear, make it so that Cells are in a separated block from everywhere else so that you can always get to them, please. EDIT: Also, make the D-Seed mine NOT reset every 30 seconds, I like it, but it needs to be longer, even with a sickle I cant get it fully done EDIT 2: Server is down. EDIT 3: Edit 2 is now invalid
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