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  1. Why not come on in with fresh contents added? That right from new mods to custom in house machinery await you! See change log of our pack for more information!
  2. Or you can do what I do, simply look for mods that licenses that allow redistribution right off the bat. IE open sourced.
  3. There a way to figure out whether or not the world is corrupted or not. Load a fresh world (backing up your current saves just in case) and then try using that world. IF the crash again then it's likely a mod or so causing it.
  4. I am Getting Heated Over Leveling up This Skill! Stay tuned for the ultimate test in another video!
  5. This had been resolved as in "recusing" the discord server. On the website you can read more, it wasn't pretty to say the least...
  6. Long story short as this moderator "ColdVibes" was forced to be discharged as moderator as he was refusing or delaying the process of transferring the ownership of the discord server to me. As he stated to me at the beginning it would be my and the community's usage. I will make a new one a little bit later but it truly sad that I has to take such drastic actions so quickly.
  7. Improvements to Blaze Spawner and a Faster Pickaxe?!
  8. If I am not mistaken all it needs is Java. You might have a stock Java on your system that meant to only run in the browser and/or such. You want to confirm that you have a STANDALONE Java. It should says something like 1.80_1xx or something like that.
  9. So it won't run at all or what error(s) are you getting?
  10. Grab your sharpest blades and tune into the grinding! Teleporters are also setup too!
  11. Forget those traditional grinders, check out my build of the Blaze Spawner!
  12. Putting these fans to use so stay tuned for more to come!