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  1. Pack fixed by using Universal versions of NEI and CodeChickenLib, but I think the biggest issue was not having NEIDS. This is just a smaller concern, but why do you suppose typing in "Kingdom" under the modpack search tab under the launcher shows no results for the pack? I changed the name from "Title Made Not To Plagiarize" (hence the tmntp filename) to "Kingdom Risen", and even added tags for the words "Kingdom" and "Risen". Thanks for solving the modpack issue btw!
  2. Hi Folks, having issues on my modpack that i built, "Kingdom Risen". When Initializing the game, it seems to crash on step 2 of 7 when initializing mods, and goes straight back to the technic launcher. Have no idea why, but here's the link for the modpack. maybe it has something to do with coremods, but when i move those flagged mods to the coremods folder, the game doesn't recognize them as being installed. Any help is greatly appreciated! https://dl.dropbox.com/s/54x67un46wwx14i/TMTNPv2.0.3.zip?dl=1
  3. Update: When naming the forge file "modpack.jar" it may be that it is simply needed to be named "modpack". ISSUE SOLVED FOR ME.
  4. Hey folks, I made a modpack, "Title Made To Not Plagiarize" and loaded it with a few different mods. When I install the pack from the Technic Launcher, it seems to download the zip I uploaded to Dropbox, but doesn't seem to actually install the mods. Some of the mods are older versions, but it shouldn't be a problem with most of them. (Here's the link for the file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/iynms0xi9ifl1e2/TMTNPv2.0.1.zip). Any help would be appreciated, and my forge version is forge-1.12.2- This is my first modpack so please be forgiving.
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