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  1. That's interesting. Java currently has build 8u231. As does OP. 8u51 seems incredibly old like maybe OP can still update their graphics. They didn't say they couldn't. Neither did they mention any troubleshooting steps. Also java is separate from graphics driver so that statement doesn't make any sense. Eg: updating java is NOT updating graphics driver. Same as updating graphics driver is NOT updating java. Unless you meant to write that differently. just wanted to point that out (it's enough to confuse lesser tech literate people) Log mentions only up to 1GB RAM. Is that what has b
  2. My topic covers this issue. Looks like your java or graphics driver is out of date (you may want to consider trying latest version of java and ignore anyone saying to use java 7)
  3. Steps to remedy white screen after press play issue for build 4.493 OR Modpack fails to launch (applicable to any modpack) reopening launcher instead This topic is constantly being updated so feel free to check back on it. 1. Sometimes logging off and logging back in solves a lot of program related issues. If logging off didn't work then it is a different software / config issue. 2. Ensure you have the latest version of java. A lot of people may suggest to use java 7. However I would not recommend this. Reasons being: a. Java 8 contains the framework for java 7. e
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