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  1. That's interesting. Java currently has build 8u231. As does OP. 8u51 seems incredibly old like maybe OP can still update their graphics. They didn't say they couldn't. Neither did they mention any troubleshooting steps. Also java is separate from graphics driver so that statement doesn't make any sense. Eg: updating java is NOT updating graphics driver. Same as updating graphics driver is NOT updating java. Unless you meant to write that differently. just wanted to point that out (it's enough to confuse lesser tech literate people) Log mentions only up to 1GB RAM. Is that what has been allocated in the launcher or what OP actually has? Although given that the java VM identifies as x64... Having said that, the minecraft version might have a hand in this (1.12.2). an older version of java for this minecraft version doesn't sound like a good idea... @Jupstart A few questions for you. I noticed you have windows 7: 1. What graphics card do you have and what graphics version is installed? I just noticed the log doesn't actually note this and amd64 is processor architecture. 1a. Press Start> type "device manager". What comes up if you expand "Display Adapters"? 1b. Right clicking on each of the entries under Display Adapters and clicking properties. What Driver Version shows under the Driver tab? 2. Do you have more than 1GB RAM you can allocate in the launcher settings (top right cog) > under java settings tab? 1GB is default when setting up the launcher for the first time and can cause modpacks not to load. 2a. Fastest way to find this if unknown is press start > Right click Computer > click Properties. It's listed as Installed Memory. Edit: 3. If there is an update available for your graphics card from your manufacturer but it won't install. it indicates that there is a problem. One of the following possibilities:
  2. My topic covers this issue. Looks like your java or graphics driver is out of date (you may want to consider trying latest version of java and ignore anyone saying to use java 7)
  3. Steps to remedy white screen after press play issue for build 4.493 OR Modpack fails to launch (applicable to any modpack) reopening launcher instead This topic is constantly being updated so feel free to check back on it. 1. Sometimes logging off and logging back in solves a lot of program related issues. If logging off didn't work then it is a different software / config issue. 2. Ensure you have the latest version of java. A lot of people may suggest to use java 7. However I would not recommend this. Reasons being: a. Java 8 contains the framework for java 7. each version is usually an improvement or addition. b. For me java 7 simply crashes my modpacks. Either it makes them unlaunchable or they crash too randomly. 3. Some people recently have reported that downgrading java has fixed their problem. In which case uninstall and install java a version down at a time until you find what fixes it for you. 4. Ensure you have the latest graphics driver. I have noticed that this problem tends to pop its head up the moment that a new graphics driver version is available but I haven't installed it yet. From a programmers perspective. And I have reason to believe that it has been like this for decades now (ever since ver.1 possibly)... They most likely have a piece of code in the driver that literally reads as: if @DriverVer not @LatestVer then $error To throw a logged error without a message would be a much more subtle approach than just throwing an error with message. This would overload the CPU/GPU silently if it is repeated and also has the potential to slow down our HDDs from excessive read/write. I have reason to believe that this is done to (gently) force us to keep our drivers updated. I mean after all... outdated drivers never crash computers... they just simply make it run sslllooowwwww. So if you happen to notice similar behavior as soon as there is a driver update available (for any device), you will know why. Nothing that any of us can do really except to just keep our drivers up to date. This is from the knowledge an ex I.T. Technician Assistant 5. Ensure you have allocated enough RAM in Launcher options under java settings. I would recommend at least half of your available RAM to leave enough for system operations. 6. If you have a 64 bit system. use x64 java not x82. Using mismatched java can cause all sorts of problems. Why? Because your CPU / GPU needs to work in ways its not supposed to So in a way this can also cause blue screens! 7. Sometimes just closing the launcher, making sure that all instances of javaw.exe are closed in task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del). and then reopening can solved white screen. 8. Some times the white screen just needs a little patience. no longer than 10 minutes ideally however. 9. Hope this tutorial helps, and if you guys find any other remedies for this most recent build feel free to post them below. I may or may not edit this post to include them. See if i have time but no promises ;). Will add any other fixes I find that are also common answers. If you feel any of them should be credited to anyone in particular do tell me ;). But in the interest of preventing Accidental Topic Spamming please PM me this info and I will do my best to update it ASAP. Edit: I think this should get pinned :).
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