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  1. You have the issue in the bug error... You did'nt made a .zip file. Matbe .7zip or winrar zip or something like that.
  2. What it change haha? It's a modpack I do to share with my friends for my server. Are you able to share textures packs and shaders with the launcher while people download your modpack? I just want people who download my modpack have already few textures packs and shaders include in their game and they are not obligated to install by themselves.
  3. Hi, I made a 1.12.2 modpack and everyting work fine, but i tried to do an update and put few ressourcepacks and shaderpacks and until then, the modpack does'nt download good. It downloading all, but stuck to the ''download'' button always even if I already download all. Also, I see in my .technic folder everything is dowloaded with shaders and ressources packs. Someone have any solution for that? Thank you
  4. Ohh!! I thought it was ''extract'' like it says in the guide of technic. I never thought about that but it works! I'm surprise an installer could works haha Thank yoy really much for the timps! And you, do you think the last recommended build is stable?
  5. Euhmmm I think is a launcher issue when this one does not support forge 2850 and higher...
  6. Oh I did'nt know that! Thanks for the information it's strange for a recommanded build without to be stable. I'm not sure to understand what you mean with ''use the installer''. I should install forge in my modpack folder with the installer and rename the .jar to ''modpack'' and put it in bin? If is that, i already tried it and it does not work too for higher than 2850
  7. Did you went to launcher settings to increase it?
  8. Hi everyone, sorry for my bad english my first language is french. I would like to report a ''bug'' with all forge 1.12.2 over 2850 is not working to make a modpack. So the last recommanded build of FORGE 1.12.2 is not working for modpack. It could be nice to update the terchnic launcher for this new recommanded build. Thank you!
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