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  1. Please respond I really want this to work i've been working on the modpack for ages...
  2. Do I have to make a coremods file in it? Because normally that isn't neccessary but in one of the forums it said to do so...
  3. http://pastebin.com/TejczUQz My Technic Launcher Logs after starting up the modpack...
  4. Ok Ill check out those other threads. Thanks a lot though!
  5. The Cookie Quest is at the bottom. I don't see anything wrong :/
  6. These are the logs from the modpack startup from the Technic Launcher itself... *snip* Mod Edit. Use a pastebin link
  7. The are no crash reports or Logs folder and how do I make the modpack available for everyone because it's not on private?
  8. I know Google Drive works because I saw a tutorial with it and it worked. There is no logs folder in the files in .Technic... And in the Technic folder there is a coremods file... but the tutorials never mentioned it so i never made a coremod file so it's empty, is that a problem?
  9. http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/the-cookie-quest.482324 What Logs? And As I said all the addition files were created that forge normally makes so the location is defiantly right and for name you could have a point. I named it the same as the modpack... But I do agree that something is defiantly wrong with the Forge.
  10. I've been working on a modpack for a while now and have been using USB to give it to my friends but some friends I can't really get to so I want to put it on the technic launcher, which I did. I watched tons of tutorials on Youtube and followed their instructions exactly. I put my modpack on Google Drive instead of Dropbox though but that shouldn't been a problem because I watched another video in which a guy did just this. The link works perfectly fine but the mods themselves won't load. I've read through other threads to no avail. My Minecraft version is 1.6.4 The files (bin, mods and config) are in a WinRAR zip file with their assigned files too. I can't seem to find any problems with it, it doesn't crash, it doesn't give me any errors, it just won't load the mods. I checked the modpack file in the .Technic file and it showed that forge was installed correctly because all the additional files that came with forge created themselves on launch of the modpack but on the in-game menu of the modpack it doesn't say that forge is installed, which is really confusing to me and i'm sure to anyone reading this. I am open for ideas and suggestions, which is the reason for the thread. If anyone knows how to fix it please tell me as soon as possible. Thanks beforehand.
  11. I've got the same problem too only that i'm using google drive because I can't pay for the dropbox's public share and i've been watching tons of tutorials on how to make it but it just won't work. It's getting really frustrating. I have tried all I could think of for hours and hours to try and fix it but It just keeps launching vanilla minecraft...
  12. who made this profile its not me

  13. im gonna complain and download the mods again
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