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  1. I am having the opposite problem right now. Got the door/computers all set up, downloaded the program, made sure i having matching passcodes and channels, made sure my name was right, the modem is red so i know it's connected, yet the door won't close when i walk away. I'm using a MK I sensor card and i've watched and rewatched your tutorial to make sure i'm not doing something wrong in my setup but it doesn't seem to matter what i do. If i go up to the top terminal it's basically frozen, ENTER works to get into the menu again but if i hold cntrl+T, it terminates, i know it does because the door closes, but the screen doesn't change. The screen will still say "Press ENTER to...." This seems to be a super cool program you made and I'd love to use it, help is much appreciated! Edit: I had a friend log in and put his name on the list as well. It wouldn't close no matter what we did.
  2. Name: jn108 Age: 25 TE: Extensive work on tekkit prior to light and classic creation. Why? I'm just looking for a casual enviroment to mess with the new version of Tekkit.
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