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  1. Hexxadude. Hexman Hexaseer Hexmeister Hexman Hexgal THE HEXANISER
  2. Yeah but it makes him sound like a nerd.
  3. It needs a cooler name than that. Blockseer? Rockseer? ROCKSEER!?
  4. I want a class with which you bring blocks to life to fight for you. Which block you controlled changed the effect, lava would be a fire attack for example. The block would float around you and as you got better you could control more blocks and better ones, like eventually get an obsdian or something which blocks mobs.
  5. I knew it was a countdown as soon as I saw it. It's pretty damn obvious.
  6. Naw. I remember those spotlights like I know that my password is **********.
  7. See! Cheapshot has a red name! Girl does not! He is obviously not Cheapshot! Girl is not cheapshot, he is a girl!
  8. But how he possibly not have a red name? How is that possible?
  9. I'm still confused. How can he possibly be cheapshot? Cheapshot has a red name, always. How can girl possibly cheapshot!?
  10. But girl is a girl, how can he be cheapshot?
  11. How does that make the end product better? If anything, his process was better as it took less time.
  12. His is prettier and has more information. You being the first(which you weren't) makes no difference when his is better.
  13. Using a shovel to make marks in a tree.
  14. That is actually most likely the name of the armor.
  15. I think Twilight Forest should have asked Hexxit's permission first, it's not even released and someone's already stuck a tree in it.
  16. On a serious note, it looks like it will be a sort-of magic pack + yogbox + some sort of story(possibly)
  17. I think Hexxit will actually be a detective mod for minecraft. You're in L.A. Everything's gone black and white. You read the news "Barmy 'Bama Beaten By Baby with Baseball Bat." You get a new case. Someone's been raiding dungeons. You ask around, talk to a few witnesses, and come to the conclusion that you know who's behind it - the hacker gang. A terrifying trio of trigonometry, these revolting rascals raided those rooms like a rabid rocker on 'roids. They have been stealing stuff since they could slide. The rogue, Rick, was really a rock with a ridiculous rapping voice. The warrior, Wot, wa
  18. The only problem is that even thi-HOLY SHIT SPIDER KILL IT KILL IT-even this...dead spider is better at being Kakermix than Kakermix. Hence, Kakermix is an emo.
  19. You would think so but no. Kakermix is actually the worst at being Kakermix.
  20. In the previous panel he has a red cloak. In 'Eliminate', it's dark transparent.
  21. We need to go deeper. Each side is actually six sides, resulting in a whopping 36 sides!
  22. I would call you a liar because everyone knows the avian association and the simple society are at war.
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